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I saw the show last Saturday night and was blown away by the entire cast.  Josh sounded better than Michael Ball from my all star cast recording.

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Is Josh gay?

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Last night I saw Les Miz at the Walnut Street Theatre! I was absolutely amazed! The character I was most worried about was Eponine-I had seen the show once before and the girl I saw was OKAY, and I expected so much more. The actress I saw most recently was fantastic! I was blown away 100 times harder by Josh's performance. I honestly never would have expected it. By the time the show was over, the only thing I was thinking was "Marius was AMAZING. I wish I could sing like that." I am working on it though. I have performed in multiple shows at Burlington County Footlighters, eithere as the lead or the minor characters, one of them being Cosette in Les Miz there. Josh, if you ever look at these blogs and forums, would you be willing to offer some advice to an aspiring singer and actress? I can't seem to find a way to get started. And I have no clue how to audition for a Walnut show! Thanks! Fantastic job!

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Wow! That Josh Young is one amazing performer! I saw him as Marius in Les Miserables at the Walnut St. Theater and he was so brilliant...words can't express how beautiful his portrayal of the tortured student was. His voice just soared...and he's hot. Oh, so hot. See him now in Les Mis! When he's a huge superstar, your Playbill will be worth a mint.
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Never thought I'd be a huge Les Miz fan but I was blown away by WST's production.  Josh really stood out.  Great acting, the most haunting, angelic voice, the intensity in his eyes.  What a sexy man.
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Yeah, come on. Is Josh gay (I hope)?
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i'm not going to lie i have a huge crush on josh after that show last night. for my sake i hope he isnt gay, or taken.

Alissa Evenson
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Just saw Les Miz at the Walnut on Friday night. Josh was absolutely amazing as Marius - took my breath away. His voice is beautiful. He could sing the phone book and I'd be enchanted! I'll be keeping my eye on this performer!
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josh young you have vocal cords of solid gold!
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I just saw your performance in Hairspray at the Walnut St. Theatre and it was brilliant! You looked like you were having a lot of fun and you are truly gifted. Well done.
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