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This weekend I took a trip to Stratford with a group from my school, and we saw Evita and Kiss Me Kate. I just wanted to say that you were wonderful in both of them! I hope to see you in more performances in the future.
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A friend was raving on Facebook about having seen you in "Evita" at Stratford recently.  So I went on your website, listened to songs and watched the video.  What a great voice and stage presence!  Only wish I could see you perform in person at Stratford, but unfortunately not this summer.  Just downloaded your album from iTunes and can't wait to listen to it.  Love discovering a talent I had not heard of before!  Thanks.
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If you want to see the most powerful portrayal of "Che" you will ever see, you must see Josh in "Evita"  in Stratford.  What a performance!!!!
Trisha A. Flesh
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Thanks for the great photo of you and I after November 4th, 2010 performance of Evita. You are a great actor and singer and I'm the happiest lady to have been first in line after the show to have been able to get you to sign a copy of your cd. It was so worth not chasing Juan Chioran to get a photo with him. It's nice to know that you don't hold your head much higher than us none show business folks. My only claim to fame is that now holds the rights to my poetry. I now your busy so I'll keep this brief. I look forward to seeing you in the upcoming 2011 season and hope we will be able to meet again. May be we could get together after the show. You never know. You now have my e-mail and if your free or want to chat e-mail me and I'll be more than happy to give you my number. Your's Truly: Trish

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Lindsay Scott
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a CD signing for your new album Still Dreaming of Paradise. It would mean the world to me!
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